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Let The Chair Doctor Get It Together For You

The Chair Doctor of Grand Junction can build and finish pieces of furniture for you. If you find a complete kit that you like, you can buy it and have it shipped to us. We will glue it together or otherwise assemble it, color it the way you want, then apply the finish.

At this time we do not design and build completely from scratch because that requires special tools and a factory. Using pre-made pieces, either in complete kit form or picking and choosing parts to make your own, is a little bit more limited than building from scratch, but a lot less expensive than custom-built.

Benefits of Having Your Furniture Kit Built by The Chair Doctor

  • All joints that we glue together have a lifetime (49 year) warranty against loosening. Manufacturers do not offer such warranties to our knowledge.

  • There are cost savings in freight and large-scale manufacturing of the parts, as well as reduced chances for damage in shipping.

  • Your furniture looks different than the cookie-cutter pieces available from a store.

  • You get to add your own flare to a kit, at least in the choice of wood, color, and finish.

  • If you build a table from standard cut pieces you can also choose to duplicate historical furniture or use your taste to make your own combination.

  • Dollar for dollar, kits are usually much higher quality than furniture that is already assembled and finished on the showroom floor.

  • Our finishing is generally better than either showroom furniture or the finishing some kit makers will provide. For instance, we use pre-catalyzed lacquer for table tops which is more moisture, temperature, and scratch resistant than many other finishes, while retaining the reparability of lacquer. We also apply more coats of finish (usually four on table tops, for instance).

Shaker table kit by The Chair Doctor

This is a beautiful maple Shaker table and chairs kit that a client wanted us to assemble and finish for her. She shopped around, found the manufacturer, ordered the pieces, and had them shipped to us. The only things that were already assembled were the chair backs. The rest of the seat frames, the pedestal, and the top were glued or bolted together by The Chair Doctor, then colored a very light gold and finished by us. We even wove the 'Shaker tape' style seats from material supplied by the manufacturer. Shaker tape pricing is about the same as that for rush seats (around $160.00 or so).

The table top has four coats of pre-catalyzed lacquer rubbed out to a semi-gloss sheen, but the other pieces are finished with regular lacquer. The final cost for this project was about $3,000.00, give or take a few dollars. It was a little bit more than the manufacturer would've charged, but we warranty the glue joints for 49 years, and the finish on the table top is much more durable and beautiful than what it would've come with.