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Bruce is the founder of the Chair Doctor...

After the '90's and owning a business I built from a janitorial company to a fire and flood restoration company, I got tired of being drastically under appreciated by employees...

He knew a lifetime warranty would be attractive to people...

So he bought the rights to The Chair Doctor system for this area, went to school, and set up shop.

"My dad was a carpenter, and he taught me a lot of what I know about repairs..."

"Toby built full-sized wooden patterns for parts on ships. I hope I've lived up to his example, and I think he would've loved to see how the business has turned out."


You gave me back my memories!

Mrs. Dahlen

I loved your advice to sign my child's rocker before refinishing and giving it to my grand daughter.

A grandmother

It feels like it was carved out of rock.

Numerous happy chair rebuild clients

A bit about our skilled craftsman...

The story of a guy who built one business from scratch to a half-million in sales then moved on to something more satisfying...

Bruce Bertram is the founder and owner of the Chair Doctor of Grand Junction, located in the western part of the state of Colorado. As of the present time the company has been in the Grand Valley for going on 15 years. Before that Bruce owned another company for about 10 years that started out as a janitorial business and which he built into a company that did fire and flood restorations. In the process of restoring houses and businesses from the after-effects of flame, smoke and water there was also a lot of furniture to be saved.

Eventually Bruce got tired of all the employee whining (and other shenanigans) and decided to sell that business and focus on a solo furniture restoration business. In the process of reshuffling Bruce came across the Chair Doctor system, and recognized that the ability to offer a lifetime warranty on wood repairs would be strongly attractive to potential clients. So he purchased the rights for the system in this area, went to school to learn that system, and set up shop.

About 2005 he and his wife formed an LLC called Antique Beauty, but they still operate under the trade name of The Chair Doctor. They offer services ranging from wood repair to refinishing furniture, which also includes veneer, cane and wicker and rush, piano finishes, office chair mechanisms, and customizing. They also handle inspections, estimates, and repair resulting from insurance claims, including moving, water, and smoke damage.owners of The Chair Doctor

"My dad (may he rest in peace) was a carpenter, working in a place called the Mold Loft for a shipbuilding company most of his life. That's where they laid out all the parts and pieces for the ship, full size, on the floor, and made wooden patterns for them. He taught me how to do a lot of things, of which carpentry was one. I learned (really, I did, Dad!) how to do things carefully and correctly, how to measure (remember Bruce, measure twice and cut once!) and to always do the right thing. My father had rock solid character, and I hope I've lived up to his example. I think he would've loved to see how this business has developed."

"Sure, we make some money for our work," Bruce likes to say, "but we don't do this just for money. We also work to make our clients more than happy with the final result. We want to generate lots of superlative comments, so we try very hard to deliver exactly what is desired, and a little more. Our clients have told us many nice things about what we do. '"It feels like it was carved out of rock"' is what one client had to say of our rebuilding efforts on his chair. '"The finish has much more depth than it did before"' said another. Other comments include '"beautiful,"' '"gorgeous,"' and '"the finish was never this smooth."' But of course the best comment of all is when someone comes back with more work for us to do, or sends a friend over."

Call us for a ballpark estimate over the phone, or for an appointment to bring your wood items out for a look-see.  We work by appointment only (which is one reason why we don't list our address) because we are in and out of the shop all the time.  But we are very flexible as far as timing goes.  So give us a call soon. 970-243-2929.